HIV/Health Awareness

The HIV is a snake hissing almost every corner of the world. The major cause of this social problem is the absence of awareness because this desease doesn’t have any kind of treatment till date except awareness to take the necessary precautions. Our organization conducts the awareness proggrammes in slum and rural along with red light areas in which people are almost illiterate or not willing to understand the effects and social implications of this global ghost. These awareness programmes consists some kind of plays and songs to create the interest of the audience and also to have maximum gathering to convey the message properly. Health awareness Proggrammes are also being conducted in recreation centers like Barat Ghar, Anganwadis, Swasth Kendras and Basti Vikas Kendras for pulse polio, nutritional diets and the precautions to be taken during the pregnancies, promotion of the usage of Clorine Tablates and the methods to be used for having the hygienic and clean atmosphere.